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NCCS regularly publishes books, occasional papers and journals. Books published by NCCS are

  1. Leadership in Nepal authored by Lok Raj Baral, Krishna Hachhethu and Hari Sharma
  2. Nepal : Local Leadership and Governance by Lok Raj Baral, Krishna Hachhethu, Krishna P. Khanal, Dhruba Kumar and Hari Sharma
  3. Political Parties and Parliament edited by Lok Raj Baral
  4. Election and Governance edited by Lok Raj Baral
  5. Nepal : Quest for Participatory Democracy, edited by Lok Raj Baral
  6. Nepal : Facets of Maoist Insurgency, edited by Lok Raj Baral
  7. Non-traditional Security: State, Society and Democracy in South Asia and Nepal, edited by Lok Raj Baral

Publications in NCCS Occasional Paper Series and their authors are:

  • Candidate Selection in the 1999 Parliamentary Elections in Nepal – Ram Kumar Dahal
  • Methodology in Social Science Research and Sampling of Area and Respondents – Sushil R. Pandey and Sabitri Singh
  • Nirvachan Byabasthapan ka Vividh Pakshya, Tyaska Samasya ra Sudhar (Different Aspects of Election Management, Its Problem and Improvement) – Ishwar Pokhrel; Pratinidhi Sabha Sadasya Nirvachan ko Kaanooni ebam Byawahaarik Pakshya (Legal and Practical Aspects of Election of House of Representatives) - Thakur Prasad Sharma
  • Nepali Samaaj ko Samrachana ra Badlindo Samikaran (The Structure of Nepalese Society and Changing Combinations) – Bairagi Kainla
  • Loktantrik Raajniti ka Pariprekshyama Rajnitik Party ra Sansad bichko Antarsambandha: Nepali Anubhav ra Prayatna (Interrelationship between Political Party and Parliament in the Context of Democratic Politics: Nepali Experience and Attempt) – Narahari Acharya; Nepali Prajatantrako Bikasma Baampanthi Aandolanko Bhumika (Role of Communist Movement in the Development of Nepali Democracy) – Jhalnath Khanal
  • Research Methods in Social Science in Nepal: Some Examples from Political Science and Anthropology – Dilli R. Dahal; Sampling of Areas and Respondents – Basudev Uprety; Qualitative Data Collection Methods – Laxmi Bilas Acharya
  • Nepalko Nirvaachan Prakriya ra Byabastha ( Nepal's Election Process and Arrangement) – Bipul Neupane
  • Sahabhagitamulak Loktantra ra Nepalma Mahilako Sthan (Participatory Democracy and Position of Women in Nepal) – Indra Adhikari; Sahabhagitamulak Rajnitima Janajati ra Dalitko Bhumika (Role of Ethnic Groups and Dalits in Participatory Democracy) – Lal Bahadur Kunwar
  • Rajyako Punarsanrachana: Ek Prastab (Restructuring of the State: A Proposal) – Krishna Khanal
  • Loktantrik Maanyatako Pariprekshyama Rajya Punarsanrachanako Kaaryasuchi (Agenda for Restructuring of the State in the Context of Democratic Priciples) – Narahari Acharya; Rajyako Punarsanrachana ra Janatako Sahabhagita Sawaal (Restructuring of the State and the Question of People's Participation) – Shankar Pokhrel
  • 2046 ko Parivartan ra Nyayapaalika (The Change of 1990 and Judiciary) – Uddhav Pyakurel
  • Restructuring of Nepali State: A Madheshi Perspective – Amresh Kumar Singh
  • Concept and Theory: Methodological Perspectives – Sushil Raj Pandey; Sampling and Sample Survey – Devendra Chhetry; Data Collection and Administration - Nebin Lal Shrestha
  • Caste/Ethnic Representation at Policy Making Levels in Nepal – Ram Prakash Yadav
  • Kali Gandaki Hydropower Project and Its Impact on the Livelihoods of Bote Community – Maya Chhetri
  • Loktantrako Punarsthapana Paschaat Kirant Jaatiko Rajnaitik Sahabhaagitako Ek Adhyayan (A Study of Political Participation of Kirants After the Reinstatement of Democracy) – Dev Kumari Limbu and Rajendra Subba
  • Loktantrako Baliyo Janaadhaarka Laagi Sambidhansabhaa: Ek Sanchhipta Jaanakari (Constituent Assembly for Strong Popular Foundation of Democracy: Brief Information) – Krishna Khanal and Krishna Hachhethu

NCCS also publishes a journal Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies biannually.


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